FULL oil for UNIST microemulsion systems

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2210 3.75 3,75 Lt BIO mat. non ferrosi 147.00
2210 EP 3.75 3,75 Lt BIO acciaio 147.00
2210 AL 3.75 3,75 Lt allumini 135.00

Coolube® lubricants consist of 100% natural ingredients, non-toxic and without staining agents. Coolube® lubricants do not oxidize (they become sticky or leave residues) and are biodegradable. Coolube® lubricants are available in three formulations:

• 2210 - Mainly for non-ferrous materials.

• 2210EP - With extreme pressure resistant additives for main use on ferrous materials.

• 2210AL - Specification for exclusive use on aluminum.

environmental impact:

The 100% natural non-toxic composition based on Coolube® renewable vegetable oil makes it the ideal choice for producers who pay attention to their environmental impact. Coolube® contains no petroleum products, is 100% chlorine and silicone free, does not produce harmful VOCs. It is completely biodegradable and maintains a long shelf life.

What makes Coolube unique?

Using the right lubricant is essential in MQL applications. The perfect lubricant adheres to the surface of the tool and provides a thin barrier with a low coefficient of friction between the tool and the workpiece. Studies have shown that the high Coolube® characteristics make it an ideal lubricant. The polar properties of the fluid create a strong cohesion between Coolube® and metal surfaces. This creates a uniform, resistant and durable lubrication layer. Coolube® reduces friction by 50% compared to typical mineral oils, preventing heat build-up and ensuring longer tool life and better finish.