OKO-PUR absorbent binder in powder and granules at total saturation

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OKO-PUR 6,8 6,8 Kg 30 Kg di liquido 16.00
OKO-PUR 16 16 Kg 80 Kg di liquido 25.00



Absorption rate

Anti-skid: does not adhere to the shoes and wheels of the vehicles

Does not produce sludge and does not solidify

Halving of the workforce

It does not absorb water in case of rain

Considerably reduced disposal cost

Unaltered road surface adhesion (MPA NRV test)

Designed specifically for the absorption of oils, greases, gasoline, diesel fuel, paints and chemical products present on the work environment.

Being an absorbent powder, OKO-PUR can be used for the absorption of oil and hydrocarbon spills occurring on the soil or in artificial and confined water bodies such as tanks and reservoirs.

The OKO-PUR is water-repellent, it floats and not absorbing water it is more efficient in collecting specific substances such as oils and hydrocarbons. OKO-PUR Holds oil even if it is pressed

It is an easy-to-use product (it should be used as the common sawdust) with features that make it unique in the world. Just think that OKO-PUR absorbs the oil even in water, forming large lumps which are then easily recovered. With this process OKO-PUR reduces the oil content in polluted water by more than 95%.

OKO-PUR is available both in powder and in granules and has a very high absorption capacity: with the content of a 6.8 kg sack, approximately 30 kg of liquids are absorbed, a 16 kg sack absorbs about 80 kg of liquids .

The powder formulation is indicated for use in closed environments while the granule formulation is indicated for use outdoors. The granules, in fact, being heavier, prevent the product from being dispersed by the wind away from the application site.

The high absorption capacity allows a considerable saving for the disposal of the product: in fact the CER code that is attributed to exhausted absorbents is independent of the origin of the absorbent and depends on the substance absorbed (dangerous / not dangerous). The cost of disposal of the waste usually goes in relation to the weight of the same and therefore it will be less influenced by a high-performance absorbent of which little is used.

> OKO-PUR is certified by the German hygiene offices and the MPA-NRW materials control body.

> OKO-PUR is IIIR approved for road safety.

> OKO PUR, both in powder and in granules, has been certified as an excellent absorbent for busy roadways.

The German Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in the paragraph "Elimination of oily residues on trafficked areas" specifies that after the use of sorbents for the elimination of the pollutant and the consequent cleaning with a mixture of water and detergent, the bottom road must again show sufficient sealing and in any case not less than 80% of the original value, especially in the presence of humidity. In compliance with what has been issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the Regions prescribe that they can be used on road plans, only absorbent ones with relative certificate issued by the safety offices (MPA-III R).

This mark is reported on every OKO PUR bag.

OKO-PUR therefore has an anti-skid effect thanks to its absorption capacity and the ability to prevent slipping.