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What is reverse osmosis?

By exerting counter-pressure, higher than osmotic, the process can be reversed. The operating pressures required to achieve reverse osmosis can be considerable, if it is sea water the pressure that must be exerted is of several tens of atmospheres, while for the network waters or weakly brackish the osmoticase pressure values ​​are around 10 bar.

This is the principle on which reverse osmosis is based: the passage of water through a semipermeable membrane in the opposite direction to the natural, with the generation of two solutions: one with a high salt concentration and the other very diluted.

Modern technologies offer a wide selection of reverse osmosis systems on the market, compact and very efficient, which can be used to purify water with a high concentration of salts and pollutants, or to improve the quality of common network water. Undeniable advantages are offered by reverse osmosis technology when the drinking water, even if drinking water, does not have excellent characteristics, such as some groundwater characterized by a high concentration of nitrates, herbicides or pesticides, or other pollutants that are difficult to remove with other technologies; on the other hand, this technology offers an overabundant treatment for a large part of the clear waters, which often only require a refinement of the organoleptic characteristics.