ALBRECHT precision INTEGRAL keyless chuck

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codice capacita attacco D L1 peso Kg Prezzo Qta
100.0065.MK2 0,5-6,5 CM 2 34 62 1 212.60
100.0130.MK2 1-13 CM 2 50 85 1 220.20
100.0130.MK3 1-13 CM 3 50 85 1,20 224.20
100.0130.MK4 1-13 CM 4 50 86,5 1.5 233.10
100.0130.Z16 1-13 D.16 50 79 1.2 219.40
100.0130.Z32 1-13 D.32 50 70 1.2 221.20
100.0160.MK2 3-16 CM 2 56 89 1.3 247.50
100.0160.MK3 3-16 CM 3 56 89 1.5 251.30
100.0160.MK4 3-16 CM 4 56 89 1.8 260.80

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The self-tightening of these chucks allows for quick and easy use. In fact, with the accentuation of the effort during drilling, the tightening on the bit automatically increases. It does not require a key, the tools are tightened manually with ease.

Thanks to the particular construction and precision characteristics, these chucks combine a great holding capacity of the tip with maximum rotation precision.

They are built for right-hand rotation and all wear parts are hardened.

Guides and support surfaces are ground. Pressure plate large and protected against dirt. 

With its rotation speed of up to 50,000 rpm. it allows you to carry out precision work and moreover, to allow the centering of capillary points, it is equipped with a vernier for the diametral preparation of the hole.

Comes balanced.

Keyless chuck for industrial use also available with threaded fixing for professional portable drills and with conical fixing for fixed drills. The self-tightening mechanism automatically increases the clamping force in proportion to the increase in torque during drilling, and prevents the tool from slipping out in operations with right-hand rotations.