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indi oil 60LT 220LT 78.00

It is to be used in combination with all 200 liter and 60 liter commercial drums. Suitable for use with vehicle and industrial oils, used oils, diesel and other non-corrosive liquids such as antifreeze etc...

Its advantages Indicates the precise quantity of product left in the drum. Simplify stock-out and inventory control. Protects against loss and theft. It is robust and resistant to wear from oils and diesel fuels. Simple to assemble and use.

It's easy to use Remove the cap from the ¾ air intake hole. Place the level indicator float into the air intake hole. The level indicator remains fixed and prevents dirt from entering the drum, however the air intake works as always. The float remains at the liquid level and the scale indicates how many liters the drum contains. When the drum is empty, remove the level indicator and lift slowly. The float turns vertically and can be pulled out of the vent hole, the rope rolls up automatically and the indicator can be used again.