Terms & Conditions


A 10-day warranty against material or manufacturing defects is applied to all our products. The guarantee is free and starts from the date of issue of our invoice. Products under warranty are repaired or replaced free of charge. The warranty does not include products subjected to neglect, misuse, tampering or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel. For the assistance of all power tools or electronic equipment such as measuring instruments, the manufacturer's warranty is valid.

3-day trial 

Try any item: if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please notify us within 3 days and we will issue your credit. We will come and collect it, of course for free!

Refunds and returns 

Return and / or replacement requests must be notified in advance and authorized by our Customer Service by calling 0572 520171 within 10 days of the invoice date. The collection is carried out by and at the expense of ErreBi Commerciale Srl, while the Customer is solely responsible for returning the product in its original packaging, intact and complete with all its parts, including any instruction manual and all the accessories supplied.

The return must be accompanied by DDT and / or invoice, return note with destination:

Errebi Comerciale Srl Via 1 ° Maggio 105 - 51015 Monsummano Terme Pistoia

For office furniture, since these are items with particular characteristics, returns cannot be accepted, with the exception of material and functional defects communicated within 8 days of receipt of the goods.


ErreBi Commercale Srl guarantees that your order will arrive intact, without long waits or dies. Each item is insured against loss or damage. To this end, a contribution of € 1.99 will appear on invoices for an amount of less than € 199.00 excluding VAT. For all orders higher than the aforementioned value, a percentage equal to 0.9% of the order value will be calculated.


All our prices are in Euros, excluding VAT. In the event of a printing error, it will be our pleasure to inform the customer at the time of the order and process the latter based on the correct information. Our offers are not valid for wholesalers or resellers and are presented directly through our catalogs. All orders are subject to acceptance by ErreBi Commerciale srl reserves the right to request payment on delivery. We strive to guarantee an adequate level of stock to ensure the availability of products for sale and for free at all times. However, in cases of extreme necessity, we may be forced to replace the proposed products with other equivalent or superior ones in terms of functionality and / or value, by giving prior notice to our Customers. For the gifts on the cover of the promotional catalogs and on the website www.errebiutensili.it, the offer is limited to one gift per customer and a maximum of 1 gift per order.


methods ErreBi Commerciale Srl delivers all over the world. All our orders are shipped and delivered by express courier.

Orders received at the Call Center by 17:00 are processed according to the following scheme:

✔ Delivery within 24 hours: or the next working day - throughout Italy except for areas for which a different delivery term is specified

✔ Delivery within 48 hours: for hard-to-reach areas such as Sardinia, Sicily, Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Calabria. In the capitals of Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Puglia (except Lecce) delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours.

✔ Delivery within 15 working days: for furniture lines, which need special shipments.

Orders received after 17:00 are processed the next day, and therefore 24 hours must be added to the delivery terms specified above. Orders received on Fridays after 17:00, Saturdays and Sundays are processed on the following Monday, the day from which the terms described above must be made to run. 

Delivery methods Office furniture and furniture lines

On office furniture where the "pickup truck" symbol is present there is a contribution for transport costs of € 20.00 + VAT for furniture orders with a total amount of less than € 250, 00 + VAT.


deliveries For special deliveries (on the floor, on the floor without a lift, on the islands) on metal cabinets and safes, if the Transport Service icon is present, a delivery estimate will be provided at the time of the order.


methods Our conditions provide for the possibility to choose between:


Credit cards

Bank transfer


on delivery All orders are subject to acceptance by ErreBi Commerciale Srl reserves the right to request payment on delivery.

Order transmission Orders

can be sent by:

Telephone, by calling 0572 520.171

Online by connecting to the website www.errebiutensili.it 

Fax by sending the completed order form to 0572 954.150 Requested

product not available

In case of non-availability of a product requested, ErreBi Commerciale Srl reserves the right to send, in replacement, a similar product, of the same or higher quality (and at the same price) without prejudice to the right to request the return of the same, if the item does not comply with the your expectations.

Estimates and validity of the same

In the event that you wish to submit a quote for supplies of large quantities, it will be our pleasure to send you an offer with an indication of its validity. Therefore, remember to check the prices contained in the estimate within 15 days from the validity of the estimate.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR CLARIFICATIONS OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU! We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 19.30 and on Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30. Contact us at 0572-520.171, send us a fax at 0572 954.150 or write us an e-mail!


Anyone who visits this site, and makes use of the products and services offered by ErreBi Commercale Srl, accepts that any relationship arising from it is governed by Italian law, and that any dispute is submitted to the Pistoia court.

The brands that appear on this site are governed by Italian and European regulations for the protection of brands. Any design, symbol or image displayed on this site is subject to copyright and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


We make the Customer aware of the obligation of ErreBi Commerciale Srl., Of its officers, employees, collaborators, agents, partners not to offer, provide, give, pay, promise or authorize payment in money or with objects of value, directly or indirectly, to any person, local, state entity, public or private official, political party or political party official for the purpose of (a) influencing or inducing the recipient's action or decision in any official capacity or in breach of any legal duty, (b) exercise any kind of influence over any third party or government agency in order to facilitate the company to obtain, maintain or promote its business in any country, and c) facilitate payments to develop commercial actions in gender (e.g. shipping products or installing office equipment). Such behavior may constitute a violation of Italian law. The Customer must guarantee at all times to comply with the laws of the countries in which it carries out its business, as well as with the FCPA, in its relations with ErreBi Commercale srl